The Kiwi’s are Rocking it

Positivity, opportunity, growth… the Kiwi’s seem to have it in spades. But why? Why would Aussie’s care? 3 interesting factors tell the tale.

Prepared for ATAS? Probably not…

One of the overwhelming impressions I received from attending ATAS workshops is that agents weren’t as prepared as they should be. One set of workshops remain; are you ready?

Rubbing shoulders with greatness

You are never too old to get a mentor, unless of course you think you are too old to learn anything new in which case, your career doesn’t have long left and you should get back to your game of cand...

Pricing against the OTA’s

Maybe it’s time to go “old school”. I don’t mean Will Ferrell running naked down the street “old school” but going back to some “old school” values.

The Agents who will Survive

2014 see’s the greatest challenges for agents surviving as the industry changes, deregulates and franchise bodies try to form behemoths and agents move around the workplace between the major brands.
roomsXML's Mark Luckey offering some support

Patterns Affecting Retail

Heat wave, holidays, riots and exchange rates –what else can have impact on your trading day that you can’t control.

Top 10 for 2014

The week starting January 13 is not the right day to get deep and meaningful. It is a good day to ponder the year ahead.

Doing India right…

I’ve had 13 trips to India. Here’s my 10 survival guide points into getting the most out of your visit to the sub continent
roomsXML's Mark Luckey offering some support

Travel agents MUST consider ATAS

Controversial? Sucking up to the main industry body? Nope. ATAS accreditation criteria are a great health check for any business.