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Mobile Travel Agents can sell Space Tickets

MTA was selected by Sir Richard Branson as 1 of 8 Accredited Space Agent for his Virgin Galactic project in Australia.  Yes indeed… Space Tourism is a reality right now!

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Space Tickets – A Journey of a Lifetime into Space.

Virgin Galactic has been making it possible for aspiring astronauts to pay a deposit to reserve a place on SpaceShipTwo since 2005 and several hundred people from around the globe have now booked their place in space. In doing so, not only have they become pioneers in a new and important industry but have become insiders in one of the most amazing and inspiring projects anywhere in the world.

Space ship 2 :  Photograph by Mark Greenberg

Photograph by Mark Greenberg

The journey starts from the moment a deposit is paid with membership of perhaps the world's most exclusive club with privileged access to all aspects of the project as it progresses. From Astronaut Forums with Sir Richard Branson on his Caribbean island home or his South African game reserve to opportunities to tour Scaled Composites, upon making such arrangements and relevant authorization, to see for real the new vehicles under development. All our future astronauts of course have VIP invitations to media events to mark major milestones.

Image Above:
Virgin Galactic Founders with Burt Rutan and WhiteKnightOne.

Virgin Galactic has managed to reduce the price of getting to space drastically and over time will reduce it even further.

The starting price for flights is $200,000 with refundable deposits starting from $20,000.

Reservations can be made with us being specially appointed and highly trained Accredited Space Agents.

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