If you build it, they will come: Haiti rebuilds for tourism

The Republic of Haiti has had much to rebuild post- 2010 earthquake, but tourism infrastructure is not being left behind in the nation’s reconstruction.

Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince, saw much of its infrastructure and half of its hotels wiped out in the earthquake, but recent developments are leading to what NY Daily News has called “something of a construction boom”.

According to the newspaper, as plans for the construction of a new Marriott Hotel in 2014 are brought to fruition, this summer will also see the opening of a new Occidental hotel.

Millions are reportedly being spent on the rebuilding of the Port-au-Prince International Airport and Cap-Haitien International Airport, and officials have confirmed “discussions” about next year bringing Port-au-Prince’s first cruise ship in 25 years to the city as part of the ‘Cruise with a Cause’ volunteer vacations.

Funding will reportedly come from the implementation of a tourist card and flight levies.

e-Travel Blackboard spoke to a Bay Area travel agent who admitted that while she has clients who are looking for the new Caribbean hotspot, Haiti “will need to do some impressive marketing to convince the industry and the world that it is ready for tourists”.
Source = e-Travel Blackboard: G.A
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