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  Israel’s greatest inventions of all times

 A new exhibit pays homage to Israeli ingenuity behind gadgets like the Disk-on-Key, PillCam, solar windows and a space camera. One of Israel’s sources of pride is the enormous number of inventions and innovations that have taken root on its soil over 63 years — despite challenges of geography, size and diplomacy. The ever-churning Israeli mind has brought us drip irrigation, the cherry tomato, the electric car grid, the Disk-on-Key. read more

  NEWLY PUBLISHED- Industry catalogues

  The most up to date listing of Israeli companies operating in these interesting industries:

Israel’s aviation, space, and defence companies are highly regarded for their great innovation and achievement

Israel’s Agro-technology industry is characterized by intensive research and development of innovative systems that in large part stemmed from the need to overcome the scarcity of the country’s natural resources, in particular water and arable land

“Mega – Solutions for Mega – Events”- Israel’s strength in developing advanced solutions in homeland security, information and communications technologies, water technologies, clean tech and many others, enables superior control and operation of such mega events as the Olympics, the World Cup, and any large exhibition.

  Economic Overview of Israel

 It is the time of the year for summaries and overviews, so here is one on Israel’s economy by the Ministry of Finance :The Israeli economy is a diverse open market economy. Being a relatively young state in the modern era, Israel is recognized as a developed market by many major indices. Israel also became a member of the OECD in 2010. The Israeli economy also showed great resilience during the latest global economic crisis. In 2010, Israel was ranked 1st at the ‘Resilience of the Economy’ Index, as part of the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report (WEF GCR).read full overview.

  What’s happening –ITC events

The Israel Trade Commission (ITC) together with the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce recently held 2 breakfast Briefings which hosted leading Israeli businessman/entrepreneurs:
- Roy Zisapel, Founder and CEO of Radware, one of Israel’s most successful High-Tech brand, the RAD Group, which includes 27 entities that turnover $US1.6B per annum. Roy shared his views on the challenges of virtualising    application delivery and security in the cloud and data centres.
 - Gil Shwed, Founder, CEO and Chairman of the board of Check Point Software Technologies Ltd, the worldwide leader in securing the Internet. Gill shared his views on the challenges faced by large organizations with the global shift towards sensitive data being stored on smart phones and PDA’s
  -Kerry Olson – Deputy National Water Commissioner of Australia recently visited Israel to attend Watec- the 6th International Water Technologies, Renewable Energy & Environmental Control Exhibition.

Upcoming delegation-  In February 2012 the ITC will host an Israeli medical devices delegation to Australia, seeking partnerships with Australian companies and institutes. Israel has become a major provider of innovative solutions in the life sciences medical devices and technology. Click to view a catalogue.

   Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a very happy & prosperous New Year !

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