Hello Pad Thai!


We’ve got a chance for e-travel blackboard readers to win Thailand. Well, not the country, but a trip to the country at least! The prize is for three people and covers flights, accommodation and cash. From there you can also attend one of Thailand’s infamous full moon parties.

About the competition:
The competition is part of the Carlton Dry 100. It is open for 22 hours only and opened today, 2pm and closes at 12pm on Thursday 29th March.

There’s a catch:
    * Entries are only open for 22 hours
    * The winner is drawn the next day
    * You & your mates will need to leave a few days later

What’s all this Carlton Dry 100 stuff about?
Well, in the spirit of doing stupid stuff, we’re giving Aussies the chance to win one of 100 ridiculous experiences over the next 12 months (we’re about halfway through). And by experience we’re talking overseas trips, jumping out of planes, stuff involving greyhounds and gorilla suits.

Enter here: http://www.carltondry100.com.au/

Source = Carlton Dry 100
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