Same Commission for DB Extensions


DEUTSCHE Bahn will be issuing German Rail Pass extensions exclusively through International Rail from April 1 and will be offering agents the same commission level as the Rail Pass.

International Rail boss Jonathan Hume said that they can be used for travel beyond Germany’s borders and will be available for first and second class costing A$99 and A$57 respectively. Children travel at a 50 per cent discount.

He added that due to International Rail being the only operators in Australia with access to the German rail technology, these passes will only be available through them.

The extensions are considerably cheaper than point to point fares and are a great value alternative to the traditional Eurail Pass.

They will be issued as additional coupons to the Pass and be valid for a single person for travel on days of travel on the Pass.

The extensions can be used on DB-OBB Eurocity trains to Austria (Kufstein and Innsbruck) and Italy (Bolzano/Bozen, Verona, Bologna and Venice), ICE services to Brussels and the Expressbus from Munich to Nuremberg to Prague.


Source = Deutsche Bahn
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