Increased Share Influenced by Rise of Personal Travel Managers


TravelManagers chairman, Barry Mayo says recent coverage of travel agents increased market-share figures through the Roy Morgan Research is also a result of the growth in the mobile travel  consultants distribution. Mayo says this sector has contributed to the improvement of two percentage points in overseas holiday bookings with travel agents over the past year.

Barry Mayo

“The mobile travel consultant business model combines the best of the online travel agent and traditional bricks and mortar travel agency offerings. Mobile travel consultant bookings are perceived as coming through traditional travel agents but they really are the way forward for the traditional travel consultant.”

Mayo says TravelManagers’ service proposition has completely evolved over the past five years as a result of the internet and is now as new-age as online travel agents.

“Major components of our personal travel managers’ tools of trade are their laptops and internet connectivity. Regardless of where a meeting or discussion takes place (e.g. client’s home, office, phone or coffee shop) a personal travel manager is assured that product information, price and inventory are always at hand making it quick and easy for the client.”

Mayo argues that while Webjet, Wotif and TravelManagers all use the internet as the cornerstone of their respective businesses, the difference is that Webjet and Wotif remotely deliver commoditized flight and/or accommodation arrangements whereas TravelManagers offers a highly personalized service.

“Our personal travel managers can deal with both complex and simple travel components in a way that ensures the result for the client is tailored to their individual needs or specific requirements. Obviously the more complex the arrangements the more value our personal travel managers offer and the less risk there is for the client.”

Mayo says there are situations where an internet booking works perfectly but that most of us are still time poor and seek another option.

“Despite all the conveniences of modern appliances the thought of researching a four week holiday through Europe on the internet and/or collating and coordinating the resulting information is daunting for many of us. This is where the services of a personal travel manager can be compared with a personal banker, a personal investment adviser or a personal trainer – so why wouldn’t today’s travellers secure the services of their very own personal travel manager with their extensive expertise at no extra cost.”

TravelManagers’ personal travel managers have an average of 16.5 years travel industry experience and through TravelManagers’ connections and partnerships with suppliers they have access to detailed information of costs and facilities across all destinations and differing holiday types and experiences.

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Source = TravelManagers Australia
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