jetBlue New York-JFK to St Maarten, Netherlands Antilles

St Maarten St Martin as seen on approach to SXM

Carrier: jetBlue

Flight Number: B6 787 departing 11:28

Duration: 3:30

Class: Economy Class

Configuration: A320, 3-3

Check-in experience:
Thanksgiving weekend is one of the busiest travel periods of the year in the US, but JFK was unexpectedly civilised on this Friday morning.  There were no crowds in jetBlue’s Terminal 5, no unusually long wait to go through security.  I had checked in online the day before and proceeded directly to the gate with my carry-ons.

On-time performance:
The flight departed a few minutes late and arrived exactly on schedule.

Seat/Cabin conditions:
jetBlue’s all-leather seating is soft and comfortable.  The extra few inches in seat pitch jetBlue offers in comparison to other airlines’ Economy Class cabins is a noticeable pleasure in making travel more enjoyable.  No knees knocking against the seat in front of you.

Food And Beverage:
Free and unlimited snacks and soft drinks are offered, with alcoholic drinks and meals available for purchase (and they may be pre-ordered at computer terminals right at the departure gate).  In a clever marketing tactic, jetBlue serves Terra Blues blue potato chips in abundance along with several other unusual snacks.
Friendly and casual, yet still professional.  The purser’s dry humour over the public address system lightened the tone and encouraged passengers to relax and enjoy their flight to a tropical island.

jetBlue is famous as the airline that offers DirecTV satellite television broadcasts as entertainment in addition to movies and other inflight programming. 

The flight arrived on time at St Maarten’s Princess Juliana Airport-SXM.  I was a bit apprehensive about arriving here as I had heard the airport could be a bit chaotic; none of that was in evidence on arrival, where Immigration was handled speedily and I was out of the airport in five minutes, on my way to the beautiful La Samanna, an Orient-Express hotel and member of The Leading Hotels Of The World.

In addition to its ever-growing network of domestic destinations across the United States, jetBlue sets itself apart from other low-cost carriers by expanding its network to destinations in the Caribbean, Central America, and Colombia.  jetBlue is especially strong in the Caribbean, where Americans and Canadians flock in the northern winter for a bit of fun and frolic and warm temperatures under heavenly blue skies.  A dual Dutch-French gateway to numerous smaller island paradises such as Saba, Anguilla, and St Bart, St Maarten is one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean; jetBlue offers nonstop flights from New York-JFK and Boston as well as its new flight from jetBlue’s Caribbean hub in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Fares are extremely reasonable, especially if purchased several weeks before departure date, making a sidetrip to exotic destinations a worthwhile consideration for Asia-Pacific travellers to the US.

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: R.L.B
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