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The Gold Coast Reaches Adventurous New Heights

This summer, the Gold Coast welcomes its newest adventure experience, SkyPoint Climb, Australia’s highest external building walk, taking climbers on a guided journey reaching 270 metres into the sky atop the iconic Q1 resort building.

An awe-inspiring open air adventure, SkyPoint Climb is a 90 minute experience allowing guests to walk among the clouds and admire unobstructed 360 degree views of Queensland’s beautiful South East region. 

Starting on the ground floor at Mission Control, Climbers will received a full safety briefing and be fitted with their full body Climb suit and harness, before stepping into one of Australia’s fastest elevators for a 43 second journey to SkyPoint Observation Deck, 230 metres above the ground. 
Each Climb is an intimate experience with a maximum of 10 people per group.

Once inside the glass airlock room on level 77, the Climb Leader will attach each member to the safety rail, which uses a specially designed harness system, securely locking the Climber onto the rail from the moment they leave the Observation Deck until their return. 

Along the journey the Climb Leader will highlight major landmarks and share some of the region’s best kept secrets as the group admires spectacular uninhibited views of the Gold Coast’s stunning beaches, city skyline and lush hinterland. 

Walking along the glass crown which frames the top of the Q1, Climbers can enjoy the security of an internal hand rail that guides them up to the summit whilst the more daring can walk along the edge of the Climb experiencing the heart racing thrill of a 270 metre sheer vertical drop. 

Close to 140 stairs will guide Climbers to the summit, where guests will take an extended pause to experience the 360 degree surrounds from the Climb’s highest vantage point, before the group descend to level 77 on the opposite side of the building.

After returning back to SkyPoint Observation Deck, Climbers will be able to enjoy some time on the inside of the glass, continuing to admire 360 degree views of the Gold Coast offered by SkyPoint, with the option to relax with a coffee or a light meal, freshly prepared by one of SkyPoint’s Chefs.

Climbers will take home some unforgettable mementos including a complimentary group photograph, a signature SkyPoint Climb Cap, and a Climb Certificate.

A once in a lifetime experience, SkyPoint Climb, is excellent value and an experience the family can enjoy together.  $99 per adult and $79 per child for a Day Climb, or $129 per adult and $109 per child for a Twilight Climb where participants experience a magnificent sunset 80 storey’s above the ground.

Family and friends, keen to keep their feet on terra firma, can watch their adventure seeking loved ones through the glass ceiling while admiring the views from SkyPoint Observation Deck.  Admission is only $21 per adult and $12.50 per child.

Once launched, SkyPoint Climb will be open every day, except Christmas day, and will also take into consideration weather conditions, which may result in temporary Climb delays.  Climb participants must be 12 years and over, and participants under 15 years must be accompanied by an adult.

SkyPoint Climb is a moderate thrill experience and requires Climbers to be moderately fit with the ability to walk up a set of stairs and remain standing for the duration on the Climb experience.

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