Global Affairs affecting Aussies

A recent Australian Unity Wellbeing Index survey has revealed people’s satisfaction with business and Australia’s current economic position is lower than it was six months ago.

Deakin University, Professor Robert Cummins and author of the Index said, with signs of a healthy and stable economy post global financial crisis (GFC) it is surprising that satisfaction with business and the economy is low among Australians.

“Australian reaction to economic woes abroad may explain the drop in satisfaction level with business and the economy,” Mr Cummins said.

“Additionally, the media coverage predicting economic catastrophe following the introduction of a carbon tax and the declining share markets could also be having an effect.”

The results from the survey suggest it could negatively affect the tourism industry, where Australians low satisfaction with business and the state of the economy could prevent people’s confidence in travel.

Mr Cummins said Australians satisfaction with business and the economy may not be only from direct experience but may be affected by the global state of affairs even when the situation in their own country appears stable.

 “However, intense negative predictions regarding the effect of the Carbon Tax on our economic outlook and drop in the shares market may also be influencing this decline in satisfaction with business and the economy.”

Mr Cummins adds that Australians are viewing the current situation in Greece or in the United States and are aware that the events over there could have an effect on their own employment, mortgage, or superannuation and they are unable to control it.
Source = e-Travel Blackboard: S.P
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