Qantas Airways – Sydney to Melbourne


The first time flying Qantas domestically in more years than I can count was a seamless experience.


Qantas Airways/767-336

Flight Number

QF419 departing 9am, 13th November 2011


One hour and 35 minutes


Economy, Seat 43A


2-3-3 in economy class

Check In Experience

Having used thr Virgin self check-in many times, I was surprised to see that Qantas now has a completely automated the check-in process.

When my luggage tag was printed out, I was a tad confused as to why it was, until I noticed there were no staff at the bag drop. It was, quite literally a ‘bag drop’!

There were no lines at all and I was through security in a matter of minutes.

On Time Service

The flight boarded on time, departed on time and landed approximately 15 minutes earlier than scheduled.

Cabin/Seat Condition

It was a full flight so I was very happy to have been allocated a window seat in the exit aisle.

The seats were all in relatively good condition and fairly comfortable for economy.

Food & Beverage

One of my favourite things about flying Qantas domestically is that you are offered food and beverages free of charge.

I enjoyed a Byron Bay sticky date and ginger cookie along with a cup of tea which was very welcome on a 9am flight!


I declined a headset this flight when I noticed that there were no screens on this aircraft but noticed into the flight that there were screens centrally located down the aisles that were broadcasting the new season of "Modern Family".

Copies of in-flight magazine, "Qantas – The Australian Way" were available and I noted the prime position of a Facebook promotion asking customers to vote for their favourite thing about flying Qantas to win two return domestic flights…apt timing really!


The cabin crew were courteous and professional throughout the flight.
Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.A
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