QF791 Alice Springs to Sydney 13 November 2011


13 November 2011

Alice Springs to Sydney

Carrier: Qantas

Flight Number: QF791 Departing 1215

Duration 2:30 mins

Class: Y – Economy

Seat 28c

Aircraft type: B737-800 / Two class configuration

Check-in experience:
There were no self service check-in kiosks at Alice Springs airport. Everyone, who hadn’t checked-in online, had to queue-up and check-in the old-fashioned way by a human. It was slow and tedious, due to the baggage belt periodically breaking down, which was no fault of the Qantas staff, but what could have been avoided was Qantas scheduling four flights departing within an hour. The queue was very long and what should have taken a few moments took 45.

On time performance:
The flight departed exactly on time.

Seat/cabin conditions:
The aircraft was a 737-800 series jet which was approximately four years old. The interior was fresh, clean and the fabric on the mauve polka-dotted seats still looked shiny.

Meal & Snack service:
A complimentary snack was served about 30 minutes into the flight. A chicken sandwich with dijonnaise dressing on multi-grain, a fresh apple and choice of cold drinks, tea or coffee was on offer. Beer and wine was available at $6 each.

Qantas are very generous with their food and drinks. There were some extra sandwiches, so I got two, and they did 2-3 extra drink runs to keep us hydrated and happy.

This 737 did not have in-seat LCD TV’s but offered in-seat audio with complimentary headsets. One movie was screened viewable from drop-down LCD screens from the ceiling.

Qantas’ in-flight magazine “The Australian Way” is one of my favourite airline magazines. Published in Sydney by ACP Magazines, and edited by Susan Skelly, is a unique publication written by well-travelled journalists across a broad array of topics.

It was undeniable that the crew genuinely worked well together as a team. Their interaction between themselves was encouraging and from a customer’s perspective made the flight very enjoyable.

I’m sure the crew’s charm was natural but with all the negative Qantas PR recently I wondered if the crew had had a kick in the pants and to get back to work (with a positive attitude) cherishing their (easily replaceable) jobs (by out sourcing to Asia)

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: R.M
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