Corporate travellers seeking stability in 2012: survey

A recent survey reveals the continuing global economic uncertainties are leaving corporate travellers “cautiously optimistic” about business travel in 2012.

According to a survey conducted by Travelscene Corporate and despite an optimistic July October quarter in relation to business spend in Australia, professionals remain uncertain and are more than ever seeking stability in unstable times.

The survey found that 57 percent of respondents said the amount of travelling for work will increase next year and only three percent felt it would decrease, while 25 percent said it was too early to predict.

Travelscene Corporate general manager, David Padman said this is an indication of a volatile market.

 "People are unsure because we are talking about a global economy that has been through so many changes in the past 24 months, and continues to do so."

"With that in mind, domestic air travel in Australia has seen a percent increase year on year, particularly cross-country, driven strongly by the mining sector, and double-digit increases are expected in domestic and intra-APAC business class fares with forecast rises of between 7% to 11% and economy airfares expected to grow 6% to 10%."

The survey also revealed that one of the major concerns to the Australian travel Industry in 2012 is the continually rising of fees and airfare prices.

Mr Padman added people are increasingly depending on travel management companies (TCM) to recognise and maximise opportunities as well as act on any challenges that may occur in the industry such as price fluctuation.

 "At the same time, travellers are expecting more from their TMCs such as real-time travel updates and regular advice based on market situations so they can keep ahead of the game” Mr Padman said.

“This keeps us on our toes too, and our focus is to continue working towards cancelling out future uncertainty for corporate travellers, so they can focus on their own business objectives."

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: S.P
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