Virgin Australia Flight 816 – Sydney to Melbourne – Economy


We boarded, took off and then landed before I could even finish this review, an early morning start made delightful by a quick and easy Virgin Australia flight.

Other than a little turbulence gently rocking the cabin after take-off, the journey was a smooth and prompt one, arriving in Melbourne at exactly 9.25am.

Seat 24D
Check in
Travelling during morning peak, I was expecting to be held up by traffic passing through check-in, but the quick service behind the counter had me passing through the gates within ten minutes.

Virgin Australia staff were also on hand in front of the self-check-in counters, guiding confused travellers through the process.

Luggage Allowance
Permitted to carry up to 23 kilograms worth of luggage and only travelling for two nights, my nine kilogram bag was well under limit.

Cabin conditions
The Virgin Australia aircraft was still in Virgin Blue mode, sporting blue seats and with red and blue livery.

Customer service
Virgin Australia staff were, as always lovely. Genuine pleasure in their service accompanied with friendly smiles spread across their faces.

In-flight experience
Flying in the smaller aircraft and with it being a one hour flight there was no need for in-flight movies or games.
Attendants handed out free earphone for those wishing to listen to music.
Refusing the earphones, I opted to enjoy the ride in silence.

Meal Service
Passengers had the option to buy drinks and snacks from the cart.

My favourite thing
The carrier’s boarding staff strictly, yet impressively advising young, late travellers on the flight before mine that they were “delaying the flight” and if they did not throw out their coffee immediately and board the flight they would depart without them.

I imagine tardiness would be beyond irritating for ground staff.
Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.J
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