5 website functions you need to move to Facebook


5 website functions you need to move to Facebook


Just a few years ago, a website was the most important marketing tool used to deliver relevant content about your products and services to your target market. However, with the increase popularity and use of social media like Facebook, things have changed significantly.

It’s become apparent that businesses want to garner the attention of their customers, they need to be in front of them where they spend most of their time – in this case, Facebook. Statistics show that there are currently over 10 million people from Australia who use Facebook. 83% of Australian social networkers name Facebook as their main social networking platform and figures show that the average time spent on Facebook in a given month is about 15 hours.

Although we recommend that your business should have a Facebook business page so you can start interacting with your customers, it should not be your only marketing channel. We recommend that businesses still maintain a balance between their own web presence, other marketing activities and their investment in Facebook.

Company and product websites should be left in place for the purposes of corporate communication. There are still some things that don’t belong on Facebook, eg legal information. But what about the more creative and compelling content, like videos or photos?

Below are a list of items that currently resides on your website that we feel would also work on your Facebook business page.

Online fan communities
Without question, Facebook should be home to your fan community. While some might argue that it’s important from a branding standpoint to provide an outlet for discussion, the sheer volume of Facebook users is enough to drive marketers to select Facebook in this case.

Facebook can be used to get feedback from your fans, allows your fans to ask questions about your hotel, for them to declare their love for your rooms and customer service for all to see etc. This is great branding for your business and its viral functionality makes it easy for your fans to share and connect.

Facebook is also a great way for Facebook users to serve as advocates for your brand. The best thing is peer endorsements are more influential among users than commercials or celebrity endorsements!

Photos and videos
Add your photo galleries and videos from your website on Facebook. Invite users to engage with your collateral in a more meaningful way than if you were to simply throw them up on the web and never look at them again.

For example, you can use Facebook to upload your latest photos, if you made renovations to the rooms, it’s a great way to showcase the apartments for all to see.

Special offers and rewards programs
More brands are beginning to allow users to manage their subscriptions to rewards cards or other special offer programs through Facebook. One such company is Starbucks, which allows Facebook users to check the status of their Starbucks Card at any time. You can also use Facebook to promote your special offers, or provide a ‘sneak peek’ at a new promotion before anyone else.

Polls and surveys
Use Facebook’s polls app to drive more engagement among your users. Your business can leverage the polls section to serve as an informal means of determining consumer sentiment or get feedback and their thoughts on a subject. For example, set up a poll to get your fan’s opinion on a menu item, room renovation etc.

Book now
Make it easy for your fans to book accommodation straight from your facebook page without the need to visit your website. You can add a link to your booking page on Facebook.

For more information about Facebook marketing, speak to one of the marketing consultants at TA Fastrack today on 07 3040 3588 or visit www.tafastrack.com.au for details.

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