7 ways to get more facebook likes


7 ways to get more facebook likes


Just setting up a basic Facebook page is nowhere near enough these days. You have to work at it every week and entice people to become a part of your online community by offering something of value. Acquiring more fans for your page requires dedication and patience and you have to be willing to pour on the branding in order to get it done.

Below are our tips on how to get more fans to like your facebook page.

1. Don’t purchase bogus liking services
One of the biggest scams out there now revolves around ‘companies’ telling businesses that they can help them get more fans. Most of these services are bogus and typically result in nothing but fake Facebook accounts that have been set up in order to look like real people. Sometimes these fans are also people who are not in your target market.

Facebook likes have to happen naturally. If you need to force them or purchase fans, you are doing something wrong.

2. Start branding your business!
If all you have is a website with very little to no branding, it will be a little difficult to build up a following on Facebook. When people follow a Facebook page, they are not following a website, they are following a brand they have made a connection with.

This connection comes in many different flavours. You just need to figure out how to connect with your audience, eg around emotion, discounts or special promotions etc.

3. Get a Facebook icon for your website
A Facebook Like icon is a great way to build up those Facebook fans and let them know you’re online. Position the Facebook like icon in a strategic location on every page of your website so people can find it easily and click on it straight away.

4. Customised Facebook fan page
Custom welcome page designs can help your brand stand out just a little bit more than just dropping people off on your wall. Your welcome page also acts as a mini website and you can include links to your website, photo galleries, videos and newsletter sign up forms. Hotels can also include a booking button on the design.

5. Give your audience a reason to become a fan
Unless you are a big household brand name, you are going to have to entice your audience to become a fan of your Facebook fan page. Eg by offering discounts, special promotions, or run a competition.

6. Offer a contest
Everyone loves free stuff and a contest is a great way to build up your fan base. Many brands will offer a contest but in order to be part of the contest you need to become a fan of the page.

7. Put it in your newsletter

If you don’t have a monthly newsletter – you should. By placing a link to your Facebook page in your e-newsletter, you can and will significantly increase exposure to your Facebook page.

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