All the BuzzSaw at Dreamworld

  ::All the BuzzSaw at Dreamworld::

Dreamworld officially opens their Big 7 thrill ride, ‘BuzzSaw’ on Saturday 17 September.

An Australian-first, riders will be seated in an open carriage and held in by a single waist harness before they commence their 46 metre vertical ascent.

At its peak, riders are dangled upside down 15 storeys in the air before the carriage free-falls through a 360 degree heart roll and plummets down a final vertical drop at up to 105 kilometres per hour.

Set to be the highest inversion ride experience in the Southern Hemisphere, ‘BuzzSaw’ is located in ‘Gold Rush’ and joins the ranks of thrill rides including, ‘The Giant Drop’ and ‘Tower of Terror II’ at the Gold Coast theme park.

Stay tuned for one of the first reviews of the bone chilling ride when e-Travel Blackboard journalist, Natalie, straps herself in for the ride of her life.

BuzzSaw 18 August

BuzzSaw 25 August – final piece of track

BuzzSaw 1 September

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.A
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