GSR CEO reveals he’s been Undercover!

Network Ten’s Undercover Boss Australia

CEO of Great Southern Rail, Tony Braxton-Smith, swapped the boardroom for the railway tracks for an episode of “Undercover Boss Australia” soon to air on Network Ten.

Working in disguise Tony joined his staff on the frontline unloading luggage, cleaning, making beds, cooking in the kitchens and serving guests in the restaurants aboard the Indian Pacific and The Ghan.

Tony said he gained invaluable insight into his company but found the assignment very challenging. “I was constantly on edge about being sprung by our staff. Not only that, my photo is in our on-board magazine so I was worried a guest might be the one to catch me out!” said Tony.

Working in frontline service roles around the country gave Tony hands on experience in the issues GSR‟s employees deal with, as well as the chance to see the level of customer service his team provides to guests aboard Australia‟s Great Train Journeys.

“It was an incredibly rewarding experience. It reminded me of the enjoyment our guests get from travelling with us and how hard our team work to deliver exceptional service.”

“The experience left me feeling very proud of our team and confident about the strength of our organization. We have great trains and great train journeys but what really makes our business great is our people.”

“I worked with some truly inspiring team members: people with real passion for the service we deliver, and a deep sense of commitment to supporting each other,” said Tony.

There were also some practical benefits for his team, with Tony discovering some areas of the business that can be improved.

“Being „undercover‟ was an education in how management can make it easier for our team in the field to do their jobs and deliver the holiday of a lifetime to our guests,” said Tony.

Great Southern Rail has over 400 employees and delivers world-class rail journeys to over 170,000 international and domestic tourists each year.

Tune in to the next series of Undercover Boss Australia from Monday 12 September on Network Ten for a behind the scenes look at Australia‟s Great Train Journeys and the people that make them memorable.

Source = Great Southern Rail
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