Make it easy for your readers to forward your emails – 5 easy ways to make this happen


Make it easy for your readers to forward your emails – 5 easy ways to make this happen


While there’s no doubt that social media has changed the way we marketing to customers, email still and will remain a powerful way to send and share information to your customers.

That said, social media should be seen as is a partner, not a threat, to email marketing, because together, they can strengthen your message, and provide new channels for getting in front of existing and new customers.

Below are five easy ways to make your emails more social.

  1. Include live "follow" buttons to your social media profiles in your email.
  2. Make sure your email service provider offers hosted versions of your emails. This is simply the email you’ve created hosted on a Web page, so that it can be accessed by anyone (eg.  someone who clicked on a link that was shared on a social network). Your email service provider should offer an easy way to insert a link that has been automatically created anywhere in your email.
  3. Embed social sharing icons in your emails. These icons allow your recipients to post a link to the hosted version of your email on their social networks. Some email service providers also provide tracking and reporting on how many people posted your email to their networks, which is valuable information about your email’s overall effectiveness and relevance.
  4. Make it as easy as possible for current subscribers to share your email by adding both "forward to a friend" and "sign up for emails" links in the email body.
Add an email sign-up form on your Facebook page. This is a fantastic way to let your Facebook fans know that you have an email newsletter they shouldn’t miss.

About Adrian Caruso & TA Fastrack

Adrian Caruso is one of Australia’s leading hospitality and tourism marketing and business experts. Adrian has had various interests in the hotel industry and owned one of Queensland’s most successful travel agency chains for more than 15 years. He is now the CEO of TA Fastrack and has consulted to and coached over 500 travel, tourism and hospitality businesses over the last 9 years.

TA Fastrack is Australia’s leading travel, tourism and hospitality industry business improvement and marketing solutions provider. TA Fastrack offers a range of specialised services including business management consulting, business coaching, a full-service marketing and PR agency as well as training services for the travel industry.  With a vision to provide companies the ‘world’s best practices’ in the industry, TA Fastrack guarantees a fastrack in your profits and personal performance. With Australasia’s most experienced team based in Australia, New Zealand and now in Singapore, we can deliver business solutions wherever you are.

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