10 types of tweets that work best for hotels


10 types of tweets that work best for hotels


If you’re running out of things to tweet about, then we have some ideas for you…

1) Respond to questions, comments and mentions.
For many hotels, Twitter still remains a service and conversational medium. The majority of content should be @replies to people talking about your hotels, your brand, or your area. Responses to yoru followers build relationships and show that it’s not all about pushing commercial messages.

2) Retweeting positive feedback.
Retweeting positive messages from customers will act as salespeople for your brand. You don’t need to share every comment, but the occasional recommendation as a retweet will show you that acknowledge advocates and appreciate their comments.

3) Retweeting other resources.
This helps you curate what is cool while giving credit to the source. You could always tweet links directly, but retweeting other content will help build important relationships by raising their own Twitter profile. Plus, retweets introduce your followers to new sources of information.

4) Sharing recommendations.
This strategy helps build a brand personality. Lifestyle information can be very popular on Twitter, so define the image you are building and then share information and recommendations around this.

5) Spotlighting media mentions.
If your hotel get mentioned in the media, pass that information along to your Twitter followers. Highlighting stories on Twitter can amplify the coverage by providing an opportunity for additional exposure through retweets and viral word of mouth.

6) Ask questions.
Twitter can act as a 24/7 virtual focus group, and can be a powerful way to do market research. Next time you have a question – or would like to get a second opinion – ask your followers what they think. Eg a menu change, what they think of the new paint colour for your renovations etc

7) Running contests.
Some of the best contests leverage the power of questions to increase participation. Eg ask your followers to submit their favourite thing about the location/area.

8) Offering real-time information.
Twitter is by design a real-time media format, and this can be very helpful when up-to-the-minute information is required. We see this often in breaking news situations: Twitter becomes the best source for knowing what is happening right now.

In the context of hotels and hospitality, it is possible to use this real-time medium eg if there is a storm or bad weather. By following and acting quickly on a news event, you can help stranded travellers. It can also work well for events, sharing timely tips for attendees.

9) Sharing personal thoughts.
Depending on the voice and style you want to communicate in your Twitter account, it may be appropriate to include personal thoughts in your hotels’ Twitter stream. Typically this approach works best for small hotels where the owner also acts as the public spokesperson. Eg instead of just promoting your hotel services and promotions, you can include links and resources on topics you’re interested in, such as food, travel, design etc. It brings a personality to your brand.

10) Staff recruitment.

Twitter can be a valuable way to recruit talented team members. You can use Twitter to offer career advice, CV tips, and guidance to potential applicants.

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