20 ways you can or should use video for your business


20 ways you can or should use video for your business


Highlight your business, mission, and company culture

  • Company profile – A company profile video can serve as a great introduction to your company. It is an overview of your business, your products and services, what makes you stand out from the competitors, what you do differently, your marketing, industry, history and culture.
  • Staff profiles – Your staff members could have an interesting story to tell, both professional and personal. Find staff members who come across naturally on video and have positive personalities, and just let them talk about what they’re passionate about, why they love working at your company, what they do etc.
  • Take a tour of the company – Let people see the inside of where you work and what happens on a daily basis. For example, people expect at least some aspects of an Internet marketing agency to be fun and exciting; or at least more interesting by comparison to what they do, typically.
  • Have a good time! A video featuring a creative performance by your own staff is a great way to showcase your company’s culture and promote your business without having viewers feel like they’re being advertised to.
  • Virtual spokesperson – be very careful about this. It can be creative to have a video of a person explaining what the website is about, but too many businesses have an automated playback with the audio, which some people will find intrusive and annoying.
  • Community outreach & community service – What causes is your agency involved in?  Consider including video on your website that shows that you’re not just about money and fame, but also philanthropy and cause.  Again, harness the use of video to showcase your company’s passions.

Showcase your company solutions, services & success

  • Case studies – Take your prospective clients through an entire project – from the brainstorming and planning stages to the end result. Get some videos of the people working on it throughout the course of the project, so you have a “mini-documentary” to share with staff and potential customers.
  • Video testimonials – client testimonials are a great way to showcase your company’s achievements.

Customer Support

  • Client support / FAQs – Have the most common and important questions answered via video. It’s a great way for clients to retain information, and it shows them you’re willing to show an extra effort beyond the usual text response.
  • Training – Do you have clients who need help with the products that you offer? A training video or a series of training videos is a great way to educate your clients and let them learn at their own pace in a visually-rich and interactive format.

Thought leadership & industry expertise

  • How to guides & tips – Videos are a great way to expose your business to potential customers that may be searching online for how to guides related to the services you are offering. If you’re also willing to share your expertise through videos, they might also get noticed by industry professionals.
  • Interviews – David Meerman Scott, author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR, along with Steve Garfield, author of Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business, say that video interviews are one of the simplest and fastest ways to put together a piece that elicits a social response. You can create video interviews with fellow professionals, business partners, thought leaders or key influencers in a subject matter of interest to your clients. You could also interview your clients and staff to get their thoughts and opinions on a subject matter.
  • Industry news & commentary – successful marketing sometimes depends on the ability to act in real time and an increasing number of businesses are learning to respond to breaking news with real-time information and commentary – all in video. Consider using video to offer commentary on relevant news, and post it on your company blog, website, Youtube or Facebook. This showcases your company’s responsiveness and industry awareness, which clients will react to positively.
  • Reviews Is there certain software, hardware, equipment, or business solutions that your company has first-hand experience with and can objectively comment on?  For example, Zappos have video reviews of their products featuring their own employees. Instead of having a scripted actor, you could have someone who knows the product more intimately.

Business Development & Client Acquisition

  • Presentations When you give a presentation in-house, at a conference, or for business development, consider using video to showcase your information in an informative and enthusiastic way.
  • Sales email insights – Have you ever sent out an email to a potential prospect and wondered about their response?  If you embedded a video link in your email, you can track how many times the person watched the video. Obviously there are other ways that you can use video within email marketing communications as well.

Internal & External Communication

  • Event participation If your company or an employee is either presenting or attending an event (or even an event that would be of interest to your audience), capture not just an activity at the event, but also the people associated with your company, sharing their own experience of the event.
  • Thank you’s – can be used for client appreciation, or as an award or acknowledgement to vendors that go out of their way to make certain your needs are met.
  • Announcements – what’s coming up on your calendar that people should know about? Will you be at a public event where you can meet clients and prospects (or general audiences that follow your company and your industry)?  Perhaps you have a new product or service that you want your customers to know about. Consider using a quick video announcement and leverage email marketing with video to directly inform those who may be interested.
  • Video Blogging (Vlogging) – The Social Media Examiner reported that blogs are the #1 social media tool for doing business today. Not only can your videos be easily embedded in your blog around related text content, but it’s also possible to generate text content right from your own video for the blog post itself.

Common Mistakes and Alternatives

Audio auto-play. Don’t surprise people with noise they’re not expecting! Remember, they could be in a quiet setting and want to browse without attracting attention to themselves.

The solution: Include click-to-play functionality with a graphic reminder for the audience. You can also choose to have the video portion loop, while the audio is muted until clicked.

No sharing features. Let people share and distribute your videos for you. It’s free advertising!  So include some sharing/embedding features with each video. (If your video player doesn’t let you have sharing features, create your own “share” button that points people to the same video on a video-sharing site where people can do just that.)

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