Customer care commitment


Customer care commitment


Here are some suggestions on providing your staff members with guidelines on how to better care for (and retain) clients. Please feel free to tailor this to suit your own business.

  1.  A "Thank You" card completed by the salesperson immediately after the sale is completed. The card could be mass produced in advance (eg printed in batches of 500), as a fold-over "tent card" DL or a postcard. There should be space on the other side which allows you to personalise a message to the client and contact details. You could even use the old Joe Girard* line of "We Like You" across the front of the card.

    The general rule would be that the sales person should complete the card, with a friendly note that says something like, "Thanks for the opportunity of helping you to book your holiday to Hawaii. I hope you have a great time, etc". They must put it in an envelope with a stamp immediately, and post it straight away.

*NOTE: Joe Girard is regarded as the world’s most successful salesperson selling six cars a day to his prospects (Joe is an individual salesperson, not a dealership!). He had 25,000 prospects and customers in his database and sent each of them a single postcard every month with a different photograph of a pleasant nature scene on each, with the words "I Like You" printed across the front and his signature on the back.

  1. Schedule a scripted phone call one week after the sale to assess the customer’s level of satisfaction with their purchase (script questions that lead the customer to reiterate their satisfaction so that they feel good about their purchase all over again). Probe for areas of less-than-perfect satisfaction and have scripted processes to address emerging issues. The purpose of the call is to develop the seller’s relationship with their customer, because they are going back to them with an offer in the near future, and they want to be selling to their friends when they do. There is no direct sales pitch at this stage but it’s OK to sell them anything that satisfies an as-yet-unmet need volunteered by the customer, eg travel insurance.

    You could print up a simple "Call Sheet" onto which sales consultants record the name, sales date, item and value, and phone number of their clients for the day. They would then use this sheet in 7 days time to guide their call.
  1. Develop an e-newsletter similar to stay in contact with their clients. The newsletter should contain genuine information of interest and value. Includes photos of your staff members or do a ‘staff profile’ so customers can "put a face to the name" when they are contacted.
  1. 3 months out, seek referrals by offering the customer a voucher or incentive when they introduce their friends or family to your services. Have a process for rewarding customers who contribute referrals, backed up by extra recognition if referrals buy. Keep the money value low, as customers don’t like selling their friends for money, but are more open to a thank you gift from you.

Some suggestions for tweaking
If you’re not in a position to make a follow up phone call, why not send out a little brochure explaining how the customer can get the most out of their recent purchase, suggest some specific techniques or ‘tricks of the trade’.

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