Best practices for responding to positive reviews


Best practices for responding to positive reviews


I get clients all the time asking whether they should respond to positive reviews on Tripadvisor. My answer is a resounding ‘yes!’

We find hotels don’t feel the need to respond to positive reviews as it’s a good review already, but we recommend that any effort on your part to show guests that you are listening and learning from feedback will go a long way – whether good or bad.

Here are some best practices for responding to positive feedback.

1) Thank the reviewer for taking the time to share his/her experience at your hotel. People are busy and their efforts should be acknowledged. Here’s an example, "I just logged onto my computer and saw your review. It has made my day! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experiences online. It means a lot to me and the staff that you took the time…"

2) Show your personality. A stale, template-like response sends the message that you’re just responding because someone told you to. A personal message to the reviewer shows you care. For example, "I am so happy that you enjoyed your spa treatment with Jodie…"

3) Let the guest know that you will share his feedback with your team and recognize any employees that were mentioned by name. For example, "I was so happy to hear that Charlie, the concierge, provided you with excellent dinner recommendations. (He’s my ‘go-to’ guy for recommendations as well.) I will be sure to share your feedback with him, and the entire team. They love knowing that guests appreciate their service."

4) Encourage the guest to tell his/her friends and to come back. Encourage him to ‘like’ you on Facebook or follow you on Twitter to stay updated on the latest news and specials. For example, "Please tell your friends about our hotel and come back to see us again. Follow us on Twitter for our weekly specials. We would love to see you again very soon!"

While it’s not rocket science, it does take some time. But it’s worth it. I promise.

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