Break through the clutter – 3 tips on writing email copy


Break through the clutter – 3 tips on writing email copy


Many newsletters suffer from the same "good information; poor delivery" syndrome. The facts are there, but the reader is not able to – or not interested in – finding them. With that in mind, below are some suggestions for being heard and appreciated with email marketing:

  1. Pick one idea.
    The biggest worry that people have is having no content, or they don’t know what to put in an email newsletter. However, I think the biggest problem is too much content. You don’t need to explain your entire field of expertise in each issue any more than you need to review everything you know each time you eat lunch with a client. Break it up into little pieces. You’ll have more content to choose from next time and your readers will find it easier to hear your message.
  2. Boil it down.
    An e-newsletter is really just a glorified email, and mixed in with all the jokes, appointment confirmations and pieces of information that fly into our respective in-boxes every day, this is not a medium that lends itself well to lots of detail. Be prepared to edit, simplify and throw out information on your way to getting to the heart of the matter.
  3. Speak like a human being.
    I don’t know who started the rumour that business communication must be formal to be valuable, but it seems to have caught on nonetheless. Your readers will find it a breath of fresh air to "hear" the people behind the newsletter. Nobody is interested in reading one more "critical communication" from a company that claims to be, the ‘leading provider of broadband solutions’.

Bottom Line: You’ve got 800 words of opportunity each month to get your message across. Sure you’ve got to have something useful to give your audience, but remember that these people are busy, tired and often just plain bored. Make your publication the one they wait for and you’ll never again live in fear of the delete key.

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