The 3 golden metrics of social media success


The 3 golden metrics of social media success


Social media marketing
has matured to the point where brands are demanding demonstrable ROI. It’s no longer suffice to set up a Facebook account or Twitter profile to simply ‘see what happens’. And quite rightly so. But unlike the online advertising industry, which has some standardised metrics in place, social media measurement systems remain nascent.

By employing these three simple, key metrics, you can start to establish the vital statistics of your social media program:

1. Total online community size
Measure the total active size of your social network on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, blogs etc. You’re looking for steady growth over time to establish whether or not you’re offering value to your communities.

2. Monthly referred social traffic to your website
Start simple, and drill down to the total unique site traffic coming to your website from links shared through blogs, forums and major social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter. Use Google Analytics to measure where traffic is coming from.

3. Social monthly impressions
Estimating your social monthly impressions will offer some indication of your brand’s reach in social media. We recommend using Google Alerts (free to set up) to get regular alerts of your brand mentions in blogs, news sites and the major social networks.

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