Air NZ’s Rico Hassles the Hoff

Rico cuddles up with Lindsay
Rico Hoffs up some sun
Promoting New Zealand and new Skycouch seating, Air New Zealand has uploaded its first ‘On the Skycouch with Rico’ interview featuring David Hasslehoff (The Hoff).

Confirming that the carrier deserved to take the top honours for marketing at the 10th annual Airline Strategy Awards earlier this month, the first in a series of YouTube celebrity interviews hit the online waves earlier this week to showcase the comfort and spacing of the airline’s unique seating as well as its cheeky advertising attitude.

In the video the fury puppet used the couch to discuss The Hoff’s time on Baywatch and later requested he lie back on the couch to play 30 seconds at 30,000 feet, in which Rico pretends to be the therapist and The Hoff his patient.

The 4.45 minute clip was filmed last month while the TV star was wrapping up his time as a judge in the UK’s show Britain’s Got Talent.

Air New Zealand general manager of marketing Mike Tod said the video enables the carrier to reach the “tens of millions of people who have engaged” with the carrier online.

“Much like the internet first opened up the opportunity to sell directly to customers via a company website, so too do many of the social media channels that have now become a part of our everyday lives,” Mr Tod explained.

“For a small airline at the bottom of the world we could never afford to reach so many potential customers through traditional marketing channels.

“The opportunity for both Air New Zealand and New Zealand’s tourism industry is huge.”

Next month, Rico announced he will unveil his talked about interview with Lindsay Lohan, which according to carrier has reached more than 60 million people via twitter and mainstream media, before it has even hit the waves.

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.J
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